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Algeria: The National Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production Modes

As part of the political component of SwitchMed, Algeria has developed a national action plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production, entitled "42 Actions to Develop Sustainable Cconsumption and Production"
Published on Jul 10, 2017

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Algeria has embarked on the path of sustainable development since the early 2000s, through a battery of laws and regulations, as well as strategic measures such as the National Action Plan for the Environment and The Sustainable Development "PNAEDD", and the programs of energy transition and development of renewable energies.

In order to contribute to a sustainable world, a National Plan of Action on Consumption and Sustainable Production Modes(NAP-SCPM) was developed and adopted within the framework of a participatory and inclusive approach of all the stakeholders. These Sustainable Production Consumption Modes (MCPDs) are, by definition, a cross-cutting issue affecting all sectors. It was drawn up following an assessment of the situation of the MCPDs in Algeria, which concerned all sectors related to consumption and sustainable production.

You can access this report "assessment of the actual situation" here. (only in french for the moment)

The NAP-SCPM is intended for all organizations, businesses, administrations, local communities and civil society associations to take individual and joint initiatives to promote and encourage, Through concrete and innovative actions, new products and use of cleaner technologies.

The NAP-SCPM has identified priority actions to:

• Integrate sustainable consumption and production patterns into national policies and plans;

• Ensure the energy transition through the promotion of energy efficiency and the development of renewable energies;

• Develop a zero-waste economy by 2030.

You can download the National Action Plan here. (only in french for the moment)

Also, this NAP-SCPM enables Algeria to renew its commitments in the realization of the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs), and more specifically Objective 12 on sustainable consumption and production. .