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Business Networks

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Embedding sustainability into the core decision making of a company and integrating it throughout all business dimensions, enabling the creation of eco and social solutions to satisfy market needs is in our interest. 

At SwitchMed we acknowledge how important is to engage with business networks and intermediaries  investing in the SwitchMed target countries as they can provide leverage for small businesses and start-ups. Read more 


Bringing European eco-innovative technology solutions to MENA

Brokerage Events for fostering Eco-Innovation Partnerships

Preparing access to EU´s single market for green products

CSR initiative supporting entrepeneurs


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Eco-innovation’s from the EU help leather industries in Egypt and Tunisia to close the circle


Adopting eco-innovations is both good for the business and the environment. In SwitchMed, UNIDO prom...

Less water in more denim


See how an EU eco-innovation from the SwitchMed B2B networking achieved significant energy, chemical...

Reiterating Tunisia’s industry on the benefits of eco innovative solutions


UNIDO has succesfully organised a second B2B event to increase Tunisian businesses' competitiveness.

Second SwitchMed Business Networking implemented by UNIDO in Tunisia


A second networking and partnership event in Tunis to present EU Eco-Innovations, ready for market u...

Preparing Morocco’s industry for the European Single Market for Green Products


UNIDO is supporting Moroccan industries in facilitating the switch to a greener economy.