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The synergy workshop

Civil Society Organizations and Green Entrepreneurs are key actors to promote ecological and social innovative solutions towards sustainable consumption and production and more sustainable lifestyles. The success of their initiatives depends on various factors such as access to skills and knowledge, technical support, access to finance, networks and visibility, supporting regulations and policies, etc. A broad spectrum of stakeholders can have a direct impact in supporting sustainable innovations promoted by eco-entrepreneurs and grassroots actors.

Accordingly, at SwitchMed we believe that having joint events between civil society organisations and green entrepreneurs might be a unique opportunity for leveraging innovation, creativity, exchange and sharing of ideas. the so-called Synergy Workshops aim at catalysing innovative responses to the challenges related to sustainable production and consumption (SCP), by:

  • Listing  main challenges and opportunities for green entrepreneurs and grassroots social and eco-innovation initiatives
  • Identifying concrete measures and instruments to promote green entrepreneurship and grassroots social and eco-innovations


The workshop intends to bring together, at national level, at least 50 main stakeholders related to grassroots social and eco-innovations and green entrepreneurship ecosystem, such as:

  • Green Entrepreneurs and Green Start-ups
  • Grassroots social and eco-innovation initiatives
  • Governmental bodies and public institutions supporting entrepreneurship and CSOs / Policy Makers
  • Private actors supporting entrepreneurs and CSOs (training, coaching, incubation, etc.)
  • Financial actors, impact investors, etc.
  • CSOs
  • Universities and research institutes linked to green entrepreneurship and grassroots social and eco innovations
  • International organizations supporting entrepreneurship and CSOs.


Follow up and results: "The white paper"

Prior to each workshop, we conduct interviews with relevant national stakeholders to identify key challenges and opportunities for green entrepreneurs and social eco-innovation initiatives. Based on the interviews and the results of the workshop, a national White Paper on the promotion of green entrepreneurship and social eco-innovation initiatives is drafted and published.

On what dates?

JORDAN: April, 27th 2017

EGYPT: October, 1st 2018

ISRAEL: December, 6th 2017

MOROCCO: May, 25th 2016

ALGERIA: November 30th 2017

LEBANON: November 17th 2015

PALESTINE: June, 27th 2018

TUNISIA: March 23rd 2016

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