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Scaling Up RECP to industries in the Southern Mediterranean

Scaling Up a Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production in the Southern Mediterranean  

Adopting the concept of RECP would not only be a profitable step to the industries of the Southern Mediterranean, but it would also help the region to become more competitive while improving climate change resilience, raw material security and green job creation. But to initiate a transition from demonstration activities to a sector-wide mainstreamed adoption of RECP in the industry of the Southern Mediterranean, will require country-specific actions that can take into consideration local constraints, regulatory frameworks and development aspects into the required scaling up actions needed for the uptake of RECP. In this regard, UNIDO together with the Governments, local partners, and stakeholders from the industry and civil society, have during the MED TEST II project developed eight national roadmaps with propositions on how to guide a sector-wide adoption of RECP within the national industries and what actions are required to do so. 

Download the regional project summary and achievements of the MED TEST II project here: 



See below our roadmaps on how to further the RECP concept to industries, sector-wide, country by country.