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Green roof technology for energy and thermal benefits in buildings

Lina Murad AL-Kurdi, an entrepreneur and a devoted mum, is one of the 25 selected entrepreneurs who made it to the SwitchMed incubation phase. Originally from Jordan, she is launching an ambitious project that aims at reducing the energy loss through the insulation of buildings and improving the air quality. She is into establishing green roof technology in unused spaces, both urban and industrial.

¨A greener future is a healthier future; and so it ensures a better future for my son¨, this is the motto of Lina, the founder of the Energy – LE ltd, a company that aims at spreading green spaces in Jordan by establishing engineering system for growing plants vegetation on buildings roofs.

Lina knows very well the positive effects of green roof on environment besides improving the visual quality and aesthetic specifications in urban spaces. Her Bachelor in production engineering  at the Taffileh Technical University and a Masters in renewable energy at the University of Jordan helped her to gain valuable knowledge on that field. The current regional and local market has changed in terms of renewable energy and energy efficiency. There is a greater need for finding solutions to save energy and green roofs are certainly part of that solution, explains Lina.  

 She has worked for various engineering companies before starting her own business. Not only she is passionate about increasing energy efficiency through green roof technology, but also she spotted a perfect opportunity to break into that field when the Great Amman Municipality begun to show interest on increasing green spaces in Jordan and lunched the Green Amman Project 2020 which aims to reach a green coverage of 30% of the capital. That can be successfully reached if the Municipality focus on the forgotten spaces such as roof tops (public, commercial and parks), as greening such spaces will mitigate environmental/energy challenges. 

¨Being part of the green economy and finding solutions to environmental challenges is very important to me, as this enables me to be an example for young generation. This shows that with knowledge, hard work and dedication anything is possible. I believe we must all do our part.¨


Lina adds that green roof can be combined with renewable energy system, helping to increase their efficiency and playing a role in increasing building envelops efficiency and life span. While establishing green roof on the top of the buildings, the thermal capacity of roof increases and the temperature fluctuation decreases; leading in turn to cooling the space below roof in summer and reduction of heat energy transfer in winter keeping the energy in the building. This effect reduces the energy consumption, thus the greenhouse gases (GHGs) emission which ultimately mitigates the effects of climate change.

Amongst many other benefits, green roof system vegetation layer acts as filters to the surrounding microclimate and mitigate the urban heat island, which is now a major challenge in cities. As plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air, during the process of photosynthesis, green roofs also play a positive role in improving air quality because they resist air pollution, and this is another twist that Lina will be exploring. Energy – LE ltd not only requires engineers but also experts on the agricultural sector, thus creating green jobs for different sectors.

¨What makes me wake up every day is to do something that stands out of my peers by achievement something new¨

You can follow her on her Twitter and LinkedIn account

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