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by switchmed last modified May 25, 2016 01:59 PM

At SwitchMed we work in close partnership with leading start-ups and entrepreneurs, industry agents, change agents, policy and financial institutions working on applications of productive, circular and sharing economies in the Mediterranean. Those partnerships work closely with is in order to support and connect stakeholders to scale-up social and eco innovations in the Mediterranean.

SwitchMed, which works with a wide range of stakeholders, is committed to catalyse the market of sustainable products and services in the Mediterranean via:

  • trainings for entrepreneurs to build skills in design, business plan, marketing and financing of sustainable products and services;
  • capacity building in industry service providers targeting small and medium sized enterprises for resource efficiency improvements;
  • engagement with policy makers to establish a regulatory and policy framework to boost the market for sustainable products and services;
  • empowerment of citizens and civil society organisations to lead socially innovative solutions addressing environmental challenges;
  • an Action Network of stakeholders to link with similar initiatives and networks, exchange information and to scale-up current activities.


Through partnerships, we

  • aim to create synergies with our actions and avoid doubling efforts;
  • seek support to increase the effectiveness of our actions;
  • like to provide access to a Mediterranean regional network of experts, practitioners and pioneers;
  • provide visibility and recognition for our partners' activities in the region complementary to productive, circular and sharing economies;
  • like to collectively develop project ideas to sustain SwitchMed actions.

Value added and benefits behind a SwitchMed partnership are:

  • Visibility in the SwitchMed platform;
  • Speaking opportunity at networking events, webinars, workshops;
  • Opportunity to provide input to the capacity building activities;
  • Opportunity to take part in policy framing and pilots;
  • Opportunity to provide research input and direction to development of grass-root initiatives; as well as green and ethical business plans:
  • Possibility to publish news on our SwitchMed website and our social media channels.
  • Being part of a network that not only brings together key players on eco and social innovative solutions but also generates prosperity in the Mediterranean with global impact;
  • More influence in the sustainable consumption and production field by working alongside with us