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If circular and green economy matters to you, get on board!
Published on Apr 11, 2017

We are growing a green community of investors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, CEOs, civil society represenatives, self-employed, executives, policy makers, business owners, experts, researchers, industrials, and most of all change makers.

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In fact, SwitchMed aims at supporting emerging green economies in the Southern Mediterranean countries helping them to shift to a more sustainable consumption and production in the Mediterranean region.

 On our social media networks, we offer you great initiatives from green entrepreneurs or civil society organizations and industrials.

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The Switchers is a community of inspiring green entrepreneurs and changemakers in the Mediterranean / Maghreb / MENA region. Read their stories at :

Everyday The switchers community is becoming bigger and bigger. In fact, we have reached over 150 lately.  If you are a switcher dont forget to join our new FB page The Switchers

Boost your visibility & promote your products/services to an international audience through our new online showroom #SwitchProducts for green products & services we have set up in collaboration with EU SWITCH-Asia Programme 

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