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Published on Dec 05, 2017
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We are growing a green community of investors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, CEOs, civil society represenatives, executives, policy makers, business owners, experts, researchers, industrials, and most of all change makers.

Thanks to our social media post we are creating fruitful alliances between like-minded green professionals from different sectors, sharing best practices towards a more sustainable Mediterranean region.

Our Facebook page has reached 5000 fans last month!

A new Facebook page for the Switchers: meet one switcher everyday

The platform has enriched her social media channels with a new facebook page where we share innovative initiatives that can be replicated anywhere else.

Follow us and we will tell you stories of sustainable transformation and change. We aim to contribute towards a more differentiated picture of the MENA region, and shine a light on the people who are working on a greener economy. You ll be able to get advices from like-minded green professionals.

Thanks to our social media post, you ll get also informed about:

 On our social media networks, we offer you great initiatives from green entrepreneurs or civil society organizations and industrials.

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