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Switcher of the Month

Our Switcher of the month in October is TAQA, a Lebanese-based wheat-free bakery making healthy snacks from GMO-free grains. TAQA products include oat cookies, vegan maamoul stuffed with dates pistachios and walnuts, crackers and natural energy bars.
Published on Jun 01, 2016

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Switcher of the Month

Photo credit: @taqaonthego

We are delighted and proud to announce our Switcher of the Month in October is Soumaya Merhi and her team at TAQA. Soumaya is happy to bring healthy and delicious snacking to your hands. 

TAQA’s products are all handmade with love by the team of six working in the company’s Tripoli-based factory

“I want to remind people what natural ingredients are, and have people understand everything that is in our products,” said Merhi, founder of TAQA

TAQA is a healthy snack food maker based in Tripoli and Beirut in Lebanon. With its 120 points of sales over Lebanon, and product availability in Bahrain, Coted'ivoire, Kuwait and Qatar the start-up is becoming the leader of healthy and convenient snacking in the Middle East. They make Innovative products, using traditional flavours such as rosewater, orange blossom, nuts, and dates to create nutritional and delicious on-the-go energy foods. Their wheat-free products also incorporate grains purchased from small-scale Lebanese farmers.

Have a sweet and healthy October!