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Switcher of the Month

Our Switcher of the month in November is Agrimatic, an Egyptian startup developed a soilless agriculture system, substituting soil with a water-based environment and saving up to 90% of the water used in traditional agriculture. Agrimatic is changing the world one crop at a time.
Published on Jun 01, 2016

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Switcher of the Month

Photo credit: @agrimatic

We are delighted and proud to announce our Switcher of the Month in November is Nouran Elsaid and her team at Agrimatic

Agrimatic facility in Cairo, Egypt.

“Besides having our own in-house aquaculture specialists, we collaborate with multiple commercial breeding stations, academic and research institutes to share best practices,” explains Business Developer at agrimatic Nouran ElSaid.

Agrimatic develop and optimize home-grown soil-less technology, to provide a secure and stable supply of high-quality, affordable food.