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And the National Energy Globe Award 2017 goes to the Tunisian Switcher Khaled Fatnassi. Congratulations!

One of the most prestigious environmental awards has just been given to Khaled Fatnassi, a Tunisian green entrepreneur, supported by the SwitchMed programme and member of the Switcher community. Khaled Fatnassi, the happy winner, is the founder of a green company specializing in the installation of green roofs and green walls under the name SICAP (Engineering, Design, and Landscaping Company).
Published on Jun 06, 2017

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The national Energy Globe Award committee. just pointed out its winner: SICAP company specializing in "Vertical Gardens & Urban Green Walls for Sustainable Cities". This national and global recognition was created in 1999 by the Austrian Wolfang Neumann, a pioneer in the energy industry. The main objective of this award is to valorize sustainable and environmentally friendly projects, and to promote them among the general public. Each year, more than 800 green projects and initiatives are considered, whether at the national or international level.

This year in Tunisia, it is sustainable landscaping, green urban design, and the presence of more vegetation in our cities that has been highlighted by the Switcher Khaled Fatnassi. This Switcher is committed to combining aesthetics, ecology, and the environment in our cities.

The aim is to reintroduce nature into the urban space and to take advantage of all its benefits: urban revegetation allows for insulation in terms of heat. The thermal inertia of buildings is thus better conserved. Green roofs, as well as green walls, also improve the quality of the air.

In a 2015 interview, long before receiving this award, he told us that: "since 2004, the green roof market has continually contributed to the integration of sustainable development into construction. We are finally becoming aware of the environmental benefits of green roofs." These benefits to the environment are doubly recognized, now receiving a national award. 

But Khaled's green project doesn't stop there. He is committed to the recycling of green waste, and is thus participating in a dynamic of waste-to-energy conversion. His project is also part of a social dynamic, as Khaled has entered into partnership with a group of women from rural areas for the making of bags. Handcrafted, these old recycled bags are useful for maintaining the substrate of green walls and roofs. Concerned about the problem of work in the region, and particularly in remote areas, Khaled has not hesitated to call upon this group of women to help him with his project.

These social, economic, and environmental aspects have thus convinced the committee, which delivered this award to Khaled Fatnassi on 5 June 2017, on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Congratulations to Khaled Fatnassi for his determination and willingness to make a change, for more respectful urban spaces, both for nature and humanity. 

For more information here are Sicap's website and facebook