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Apply to our information and training days for Life Cycle Assessment and Product Environmental Footprint framework in Tunisia.

Are you an actor involved in to environmental management, environmental science, agricultural sciences, product development or other relevant area for the Tunisian production sector? Would you like to learn about the latest development in the EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) framework. Save the date for the information seminar on the 4th of April in Novotel Tunis, and apply before 28 March!
Published on Mar 22, 2017

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A growing portion of EU consumers is concerned about the environment and is taking environmental impact of products as a consideration when they purchase products. This has led companies to develop all kind of environmental claims and labels, but most consumers do not really trust these claims and only a few labels are considered to have at least some form of credibility. This confusion and mistrust hampers the growth of a market for sustainable products.

The European policy response

As a response to this, the European Union published a policy titled: Creating an open European Market for sustainable products in 2011. One of the key issues the EU wants to provide reliable, meaningful and verified information about the environmental footprint of products. Without such information there can be no fair competition and consumers will be confused by misleading claims, unreliable labels etc.

Potential impact on Tunisian companies exporting to the EU

Although the EU has not decided what the policy measures will be, this development can have big impacts to companies that export to Europe. A key challenge will be to develop the understanding needed to provide detailed environmental data on the supply chain, use and disposal of a product.  Being able to supply such information may become an important element in the competition in Europe.

Pilot project for Tunisian industries

UNIDO, working under the EU funded SwitchMed program on sustainable consumption and production, invites all companies that export to Europe for an awareness raising event on April 4th, where the potential policies and the consequences for companies exporting to the EU are presented and discussed.

This event is the start of a project in which a number of Tunisian experts will be trained in developing the Product Environmental Footprint, according to the (complex) EU rules and procedures. In a next stage, these experts will be applying these rules in a pilot project on one or two relevant Tunisian product categories. This pilot will provide the learnings for all Tunisian companies that are exporting to the EU. It will enable Tunisian companies to respond on these potentially important developments.

SwitchMed has contracted Mark Goedkoop, Founder of PRé Sustainability, who is working over the past three years as one of the Helpdesk consultants supporting the EU and the 27 European pilots.

For more information about the SwitchMed activities to the PEFs in Tunisia, click here.