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Call for green entrepreneurs: apply to our training programme

New calls are regularly launched for the ¨SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurs Training Programme". If you are a green entrepreneur living in one of the SwitchMed target countries, you can now apply to join our training.
Published on Jan 14, 2016

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updated on march 3rd

Are you a green entrepreneur? Do you have a green business idea in mind but you don´t know where to start? Would you like to learn how to develop a green business model that creates environmental and social value?

We are looking for people with an enterprising spirit that want to launch in the market a new green product or service.

 If you think that you are one of them and you are based in one of the SwitchMed target countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia), you have now a unique opportunity to join our ¨SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurs Training Programme¨.

Why joining the programme?

The goal of the SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurs Training Programme is to assist eco entrepreneurs in launching new business in a very practical way.

The primary benefits to you are:

- To gain knowledge and learn how to use tools to turn your innovative idea into a green business model

- To help you in turning environmental challenges into business opportunities 

- To gain technical expertise in ecodesign and the improvement of the environmental performance of businesses

- To design a business model that is economically-sound and creates environmental and social value.

- To develop a green business plan that will guide you through the entrepreneurial journey


Candidates will be selected taking into account your potential idea of green business and your profile.


The call of application is now open in Lebanon and Israel until April 30th, and Palestine until march 31st.


1/ To directly apply to the training and get a short presentation of the training programme, please visit the website:


2/  For further information about the training programme, please look at our Green Entrepreneurship corner.