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Call for Proposals for the SwitchMed SCP/RAC Green Entrepreneurship Programme Scaling Up Study

We are looking for innovative teams to support us in taking our Green Entrepreneurship Programme to the next level with even better and brand new products and services for our Switchers
Published on Jan 31, 2017

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Consultancy for the Strategic Development of SCP/RAC’s Green Entrepreneurship Programme

SCP/RAC is looking for a consultancy to support the strategic development of the SCP/RAC Green Entrepreneurship (GE) Programme. The (GE) Programme is currently funded by the EU as part of the SwitchMed Initiative. The consultancy will be responsible for developing concrete follow-up actions including financing schemes for the next phase of the Programme. The SCP/RAC hosting the SwitchMed Networking Facility in collaboration with the GE Programme team will supervise the work of this consultancy


DEADLINE (extended): 28 February 2017 14:00 (CET time).


 The official call documents in Catalan language can be found here.

The English translation of the administrative section of the call can be found here.
The English translation of the Annexes can be found here.
Please note that these are unofficial translations that are only meant to be seen as supporting documents, and they do not carry any legal validity. In all cases, the original Catalan documents should be taken as the legal reference. In addition, detailed explanation of the Work Packages in English can be found here (unofficial complementary information). 

IMPORTANT: Offers need to be submitted in Spanish or in Catalan at this address: I'Agència de Residus de Catalunya, C/ Dr. Roux 80, Barcelona. For more details please kindly see the official administrative section of the call documents in Catalan.