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Changemakers! Are you ready for your first worldwide media adventure? Share your projects for Impact Journalism Day

The call for proposals has been launched ... Sparknews in partnership with the world's biggest newspapers organizes the 5th edition of its "Impact Journalism Day"! More than 50 Story Of Change will be published on June 24, 2017 ... and maybe yours! Participate by submitting your application before March 15, 2017
Published on Mar 01, 2017

The Impact Journalism Day is an international editorial operation that partners with the world’s 55 leading newspapers to publish, on the same day in print and digital formats, supplements that feature over 100 concrete and inspiring solutions to global issues, on subjects like education, energy, health care, agriculture, water, technology, and urbanism.

Through its activities Sparknews aims to achieve two objectives: firstly, to give positive initiatives the opportunity to scale up by increasing their visibility and connections and secondly, to inspire the maximum number of readers to take action and support an inclusive and sustainable world.

Discover here the best Impact Journalism Day stories from all over the world 

Next June 24th 2017, discover 60 stories that change the world in the newspapers and on the web! and why not yours! 

if you are a changemaker, or have an innovative project that

  • have changed the way a social or economic group functions or behaves in society
  • have come up with a new way of using existing technology (design)
  • have developed new technology
  • have re-introduced low-tech
  • have created products or services that promote the sharing economy
  • is doing more with less (e.g.: Jugaad innovation)
  • production process is based on a circular economy model
  • is contributing to the transformation of a big company from the inside
  • structure is innovative (legally, financially etc.)
  • is changing the relationship between humans and nature

Don't miss the chance to be on the world’s 55 leading newspapers

Share your project by applying here before March 15th 2017.