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Egyptian green entrepreneurs meet investors

The first National “Green start–ups meet investors” in Egypt took place in Cairo the 3rd of August.
Published on Sep 26, 2017

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The demo day pitch event dedicated to assisting Green Start-ups in accessing capital and support services needed to scale their ventures was hold in collaboration with our local partner Egypreneur. The event featured 7 entrepreneurs pitching their business for feedback from potential investors and stakeholders, who had been generous with their insights during and after the experience.

The demo day pitch in Egypt is the result of a two-days training workshops plus a webinar session in which the entrepreneurs enhanced their communication skills and business models in order to be ready to meet potential investors and stakeholders such as, to name a few: the Arab Science and Technology Foundation, Alexandria Business Association and the Sawiris Foundation for Environmental Development (SFED).

Vwaste (Valuable Waste by Diaa Eldin Adham and Abdelnasser Farrag), a Cairo-based initiative that transforms orange peel waste from Egypt's juicing industry into valuable, in-demand raw pectin powder was announced as the winner of this year's SwtichMed Contest in Egypt and the team will travel to Barcelona to present its business on the global SwitchMed Connect in 2018.


 VWASTE and their product

The event and its follow-up activities have also managed to spread the word about the startups among the network of financial players and managed to secure a few meetings for the entrepreneurs. In fact SEA Capital Expressed Interest in one Green Entrepreneur and SME2Unicorn has been engaged and expressed interest in further details from the SwitchMed Programme. Our incubated Green Entreprenur El Malek for Food Dehydrators – Golden roofs captured the attention of SAFI for food exports.

For more details find the event agenda here.