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How Mediterranean green entrepreneurs can launch a crowdfunding campaign

To help entrepreneurs from south Mediterranean to better use crowdfunding tools, here is a handy guide that will help you step by step to launch your next crowdfunding campaign
Published on Feb 24, 2016

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The guide "Crowdfunding for Eco-Entrepreneurs and Social Initiatives for Ecological Innovation" addresses eco-entrepreneurs and eco and social initiatives in the southern Mediterranean to orient them in the implementation of a crowdfunding campaign: preparing a campaign, mobilizing a community, optimizing the transformation, carrying out a campaign, and creating loyalty in a community.

It will also allow you to find your way among existing platforms in the 9 countries being studied, and choose the best crowdfunding models depending on their projects.

Download the guide


In addition to this guide, we also edited the survey "Participative Finance in the Service of Eco-Entrepreneurship and Ecological Innovation in the Southern Mediterranean"  in order to create a global panorama of the crowdfunding market in the SwitchMed targets countries. Learn more about the survey.