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Industries in Morocco make a bid for resource efficiency

On the 10 of May, results from SwitchMed’s MED TEST II project will be presented on a national dissemination event in Rabat. Savings, investment opportunities and best practices from the participating companies will be presented to government officials, industry stakeholders, the Delegation of the European Union to Morocco, and interested businesses. This event will be an excellent opportunity for businesses interested in producing more with less.
Published on May 02, 2018

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Morocco, a country where the economic forecast literally is dependent on the predicted amount of rainfall, has for the past years had a steady growth. But, in order to meet environmental challenges including dwindling natural resources, more attention needs to be paid to eco-innovative production practices as a way to develop and realise solutions for the industry that both make sense for the business and the environment.

22 businesses from Morocco’s food-, mechanical-, chemical, and textile sector joined in 2015 the MED TEST II project to demonstrate how a resource efficient and cleaner production would work in their business production. Initial results from other countries have demonstrated that the application of more resource efficient production standards brings significant savings, not only for the environment but also for the companies.

On the 10th of May, UNIDO, together with the 22 industries, will present the so far achieved outcomes of the project and also shed some light on the developed national action plan for resource efficiency.

Is your company interested in doing better and more with fewer resources? Join the event in Rabat on the 10th of May.