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Green start-ups meet investors in Algeria

The SwitchMed Elevator Pitch organized by the SCP / RAC in collaboration with AHC Consulting with the support of the Ministry of the Environment was successfully held in Algiers on November 20 2017, allowing seven green Entrepreneurs to present their projects to 15 financial actors. Check out the winner of this competition.
Published on Dec 06, 2017

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The meeting between green entrepreneurs and financial actors took place successfully at the Stand All - Kiffan Club Conference Center in Algiers. Seven Green Entrepreneurs (five men and two women) were present and trained in advance to define their financing needs and present their ideas to potential investors. These start-ups are: ALPOKIMIA, GRIGNUM, Ferrah Cactus, Green Oasis, Eco Toob, ITCastle, and the builders of the oases. Among these seven projects, five are from SwitchMed's green entrepreneurship training program, of which two are currently incubating under SwitchMed.

"Two companies are taking all production of prickly pear essential oil" says our green entrepreneur Ferrah Reguia presenting his start-up Ferrah cactus

All entrepreneurs successfully presented their green business projects which were mostly centered in the circular economy sector and sustainable waste management. Here are the profiles of start-ups here.

15 financial actors participated in the event including Casbah business Angels, NCA ROUiBA, Afric invest, Sofinance, Cluster renewable energies, Anvredet, Alliance insurance, REDMED, El Djazair istithmar and finally Ansej. Representatives from the National Waste Agency and the Ministry of the Environment were also present.

The financial players participated very actively, offering their advice and remarks regarding the viability of green business projects and the potential of extending business models in their sectors of intervention.


El Khoudir Daddi addoun holding the first prize of the competition 

Mr El Khoudir Daddi addoun, promoter of the eco-construction company "Les Bâtisseurs des Oasis" was finally selected as the best project by the jury made up of the financial actors, the SCP / RAC and the APAB (Association of Algerian Producers of Beverages). "Les Bâtisseurs des Oasis" will join the ecosystem of actors of the circular economy in the Mediterranean in Barcelona in the context of the 2018 edition of SwitchMed Connect. The priority from now on is to keep in touch between the different financial actors interested in green start-ups and the new project leaders who will emerge in Algeria in the future.