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Don't miss the pilot projects that are being developed

A new section on the website will help you discover our new SwitchMed pilot projects.
Published on Aug 09, 2017

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Eager to learn more about the measures we are implementing on the ground to promote the adoption of a circular economy approach in priority sectors in the MENA countries? If so, you will enjoy reading our new section on the website, which is devoted to explain what’s and how’s of each of the pilot projects. 

Nationally, there are 7 demonstration pilot projects currently being implemented in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon by the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC), and another 5 in Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Palestine led by UN Environment.

The pilot projects address a wide range of circular economy measures, such as building a collective biogas plant in Morocco, valorising olive oil production co-products and fostering ecotourism in Tunisia, recycling unwanted fabrics and making quilts while improving product design in Algeria, and developing a composting plant for wine making waste in Lebanon are examples of our pilot projects. Adopting solid waste management practices in the hotel industry to reduce the amounts of waste generated in Jordan; promoting eco-trails through the elaboration of guidelines and selection criteria and the rehabilitation of a number of showcase trails in Palestine are other examples.

SwitchMed is supporting all of them in strengthening their business model, improving their services and partners network. In addition, these pilots will hopefully set examples and have the potential for upscaling through replicating and deepening in other locations. Building off of the SCP national action plans, the pilot projects deliver on priorities identified within the national sector-specific plans related to organic farming, industrial innovation, green growth, water efficiency plans, sustainable tourism, organic waste, sustainable public procurement, eco-labels for hotels. As an example, Tunisia started greening its tourism sector, based on its SCP national action plan, which has also helped to generate new employment opportunities. In that context, SCP /RAC has developed a guidebook that synthesizes the lessons learned from the eco-labeling experience of two pilot projects supported in Tunisia: Dar Zaghouane and the tourism agency Tunisia Ecotourism. Click here to download the guidebook.