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Morocco takes concrete actions for the prevention of marine litter

On May 10, 2018, SwitchMed organizes a forum in Rabat, on alternatives to single-use plastic bags and improving the collection and recycling of beverage packaging. If you are concerned by this topic and willing to share your experience, or if you are interested in reproducing them or creating new ones, participate in this meeting for free, register before May 7th!
Published on Apr 23, 2018

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Morocco takes concrete actions for the prevention of marine litter

Marine litter

How to limit, more effectively and without delay, the damage caused by marine litter in our oceans and in our lives? Marine litter is one of the consequences of the current paradigm of our inability to cope with the volume of waste we produce. They are a real challenge for our societies, as well as for our economic and political systems. Anxious to answer this question, the forum in Rabat, next May 10th, aims to advance the prevention of marine litter, particularly regarding single-use plastic bags and beverage packaging.

This forum aims to reach different audiences such as public administration and civil society organizations concerned with waste management, as well as other sectors that offer alternatives to plastic bags, beverage producers, waste management companies and collection cooperatives, wholesalers or recyclers. The main objectives are to reflect upon:

  • Priorities for the promotion of alternatives to single-use plastic bags

  • The growing responsibility of producers in the beverage packaging sector, as well as

  • To benefit from other initiative’s feedback.

In this forum, the programs SwitchMed and Marine Litter Med, have put in place concrete actions on the prevention and promotion of green entrepreneurship. These actions and activities will be presented at the meeting and correspond to two pilot projects on alternatives to single-use plastic bags and the collection and recycling of beverage containers. This forum is organized by the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP / RAC) - UN Environment / Mediterranean Action Plan (UN Environment / MAP) through the SwitchMed project funded by the European Union, in collaboration with the State Secretariat for the Ministry of Energy, and MapLap, responsible for sustainable development, Dr. Fatiha Association, ZeroZbel and SUNOV Engineering.

 Alternative Plastic bags

Fashionable and reusable bags produced by the Association du Docteur Fatiha. Photo credit: SCP/RAC


For further information, you can find here the agenda of the meeting.

The participation in the forum is free and you can register now by following this link before May 7th.

For more information: SwitchMed and Marine Litter Med

In case that you need more details, please contact