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Our incubated green entrepreneurs are becoming investor-ready companies

Seven entrepreneurs have finished the incubation phase and are now seeking investment. Learn about these success stories.
Published on Dec 07, 2017

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We are proud to announce that seven green entrepreneurs out of twenty-five who were selected to receive the incubation phase have already finished the entire programme. Anas Saleh from Jordan (Building Worx), Amit Sheleg (Hygimed) and Lilac Frenkel both from Israel (Boutique Soya Products), El Khoudir Daddi Addoun (The Oasis Builders), Sally Baghat (Oasis Community Centre) and Ahmed Abdallah (Malek) are more prepared now to become investors’ ready companies. The latest, for instance, an Egyptian expert on agriculture, founded Malek to reduce crop waste by providing farmers with innovative solar food dehydrators for transporting their products, has been awarded with € 8,000 by the Misr The Kheir Foundation. He will be using the grant to start producing more dehydrators, which certainly can be the beginning of the growth of his green business.

Others, despite still receiving technical expertise and mentoring from the SwitchMed team, have also started to reap the rewards of this 8-month incubation programme. As example, Lina Al-Kurdi, founder of Green Roofs was thrilled to hear that she won 9000 € Award from the Shamal Start, a program aiming to develop the local economy and creating new job opportunities in the north of Jordan. She will be devoting the money to treat the soil and the vegetable that later on will be used to build 1000m2 green roof. She is looking for other opportunities, such as the Call for OSCE GEMS Award, which will grant 15,000 € to the best business ideas in six Southern Mediterranean countries. She is now submitting a project on setting up green roofs in schools and hospitals in Jordan to the Cube Foundation, a UK based charity that works at grass root level within communities.

Another example is Waste by Waste, founded by three Palestinians Nadia AyedI’Qefan, Nareman Radi Zahde and Heba Imad Dweik. These three engineers have developed an ecofriendly efficient integrated wastewater treatment prototype that removes chromium tannery wastewater by adsorption on stone cutting solid waste particles. They have signed an agreement with the largest tannery company in Palestine to test their prototype.

In Moroco, Hamid Riad, a doctor of engineering and an expert in energy and sustainable development, founded Camping farm – Riad Green House.Credit agricole, has awarded with 70,000 € for building bioclimatic greenhouses, with the main goal of boosting the local economy and strengthen ties between locals and tourists.

In that way, the green entrepreneurs behind the SwitchMed portfolio of finance ready green business, which are mostly active in renewable energy and energy efficiency, food and agriculture, waste management, housing and construction, tourism, and clothing and textile with a scalable business model, are taking their business to the next level.