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Our Switcher Gebraa will be featured at the Positive Innovation Club of Sparknews

Our Switcher Gebraa will participate to the event "the Positive Innovation Club of Sparknews" on February 6th 2018. Facilitated by SwitchMed, large companies representatives and experts, this creative workshops is designed to help entrepreneurs with social or environmental impact solve a challenge they are facing and exchange on how their innovation can nurture others' activities.
Published on Feb 05, 2018

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Our Switcher Gebraa will be featured at the Positive Innovation Club of Sparknews

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Positive Innovation Club event by Sparknews is a dynamic network that is committed to the development of social innovation, for a business more respectful of our planet and society. In fact, It brings together media, large and medium-sized companies and individuals, to brainstorm and analyse about tomorrow's business model and aim to maximise social impact of entrepreneurs.

The upcoming event will be held on the 6th February 2018 at Schoolab in Paris at 7pm. It is designed to inspire and support 3 entrepreneurs in their reflection and action for a more positive business. One of these 3 entrepreneurs is our Switcher Rania Salah Seddik. 

 Rania Salah Seddik, manager of Gebraa showing her craft products


The theme of the event is “From New Year’s Good Intentions to Concrete Actions!” and it will be structured as follows:
After a keynote speech from Gunter Pauli, representatives of big companies such as Pierre & Vacances Central Parc et Les Mousquetaires as well as organisations such as SwitchMed, will quickly introduce themselves, before leaving the floor to the 3 entrepreneurs who will have 3 minutes to present their business and share their challenge.  All participants, including Anna Ibanez, project manager at SwitchMed, will then split into smaller groups to join creative workshops. These workshops are designed to help the entrepreneurs solve a challenge they may face and exchange on how their innovation can nurture others' activities. 
Here is an overview of the projects:
·  Coexister: a French NGO which develops programs to promote social interactions between people with different religious beliefs
·  Wenabi: a web platform that encourages social action among the employees of big companies and brings tools to better measure it
·  GebRaa: an Egyptian social enterprise that helps marginalized artisans find new markets for their threatened crafts to empower them economically & socially. The project also offers trainings and apprenticeships at master artisans workshops, allowing them to learn from each other, and connecting them to other entities that can improve their working conditions.
We will keep you updated about the outcomes of this event by following our social media channels.