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Palestinians to discuss challenges and opportunities for a Green Economy during SwitchMed Synergy Workshop

EU-funded SwitchMed is organizing the synergy workshop in Ramallah on the 27th of June , where Green Entrepreneurs, Civil Society Organizations and Public Stakeholders are gathering to take stock of the Green Economy sector in the Country and explore ways forward toward a more conducive and inclusive environment for a genuine sustainable development.
Published on Jun 19, 2018

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Palestinians to discuss challenges and opportunities for a Green Economy during SwitchMed Synergy Workshop

Palestine SwitchMed Synergy workshop

Green entrepreneurs and civil society organisations are key players in the promotion of innovative, environmental and social solutions encouraging sustainable consumption and production as well as sustainable lifestyles. The success of these sustainable innovation initiatives depends on a wide range of stakeholders. Among them, public institutions, financial players, companies and support structures can play a key role in promoting the conditions and measures that facilitate the success of green entrepreneurs and, therefore, work in the service of the public interest from countries of the southern Mediterranean. The Synergy Workshop for the Promotion of Green Entrepreneurship and Grassroots Ecological and Social Innovation in Palestine is designed to bring together key stakeholders to discuss assets, challenges and concrete measures and instruments to promote green entrepreneurship and the role of CSOs as sustainable lifestyle pioneers in their region.

 The Workshop is a milestone toward the development of a White Paper that is expected to capture the views and experiences of green entrepreneurs, civil society actors and support-providing organizations on the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for the promotion of green entrepreneurship and grassroots ecological and social innovations. This workshop is organized in cooperation with the Environmental Quality Authority and the Continuing Education Centre – Birzeit University and facilitated by the Centre for Environment – Palestine.


When: 27th of June, 2018 – From 8:30 to 15:00

Where: Red Crescent HQ, Al Bireh Municipality


Read here the Synergy Workshop Concept Note

If you are interested in participating to the event please contact Ms. Wijdan Al-Sharif from the Center for Environment- Palestine (Tel/Fax: +970 (02) 2959981 or by email: