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Start your own green business with the help of our local partners and external experts

We have recruited external experts in charge of training the local trainers and local partners. Who are they?
Published on Jan 28, 2015

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Start your own green business with the help of our local partners and external experts

Team leader: Giorgio Monsangini, Coordinator: Ramon Farreny, Team of experts: Ariadna Benet, Nicola Cerantola, Markel Cormenzana, Jesús Iglesias, Guy-Franck Merlo and Luis Morales.

We are very pleased to announce that seven external experts in charge of training the local trainers and local partners in three countries Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia joined recently our SWITCH-Med team. They will be responsible for developing and implementing a capacity training programme to green entrepreneurs in the MENA region to help them to set up sustainable business solutions.

Giorgio Mosangini, our Team Leader of Green Entrepreneurship and Civil Society, explains that ¨it is crucial to involve the local expertise and organisations (so-called local partners) as they are the only ones that can apply the know-how on the ground. Furthermore, this experienced organisations specialised on business development in the area of the circular economy will greatly contribute in identifying and mobilizing trainers and potential green entrepreneurs in that region. ¨We are selecting one organisation per country; we started with Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and during the first semester of 2015 we will open the process for Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt.

Specifically, the team of external experts in green entrepreneurship, ecodesign, Life Cycle Assessment and management, circular economy and eco-innovation will provide hands-on training and technical assistance to the local partners. Further details on how to implement our Training Methodology using ad hoc guidelines will be given to the partners. Only then, the local partners will train potential green entrepreneurs.

Mosangini highlights that ¨we aim at developing practical hands-on guidance on critical issues facing today's eco start-ups, thus we will be providing the structure to encourage entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into feasible business, creating social and environmental value through economical sound projects¨. In the next issue we will be very excited to introduce you our fellow local partners and the team in charge of training the local trainers.

Highlights of the green entrepreneurs´activities

We are also happy to highlight our SWITCH-Med participative workshop entitled ¨Financing pathways for green businesses and sustainable entrepreneurs¨ on 28th of November at the Global Eco Forum, as part of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders. This workshop has been one of the first efforts to deepen our understanding of and collaboration with financing institutions and initiatives. Our speakers showed us with concrete examples what type of financing solutions are available for small businesses and entrepreneurs that like to take up resource efficient technologies and practices. Moreover, learn more about our participation at the Disruptive Innovation Festival, where we travelled virtually to Spain, Egypt, Serbia and Belgium in order to provide an insight into the development business models based on circular economy thinking and opportunities that are tapped by entrepreneurs.

You can follow our activities at  our ‘start-ups and entrepreneurs’¨corner.