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Switcher of the Month

Our Switcher of the month in July is Zelij, a Morrocan eco-friendly company innovating in sustainable construction, making floor tiles, paving stones and other building materials from plastic waste.
Published on May 17, 2017

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We are happy to announce that the Switcher of the Month in July is: Zelij

Zelij products1.jpg 

Zelij team is proud in being the unique Moroccan brand of ecological tiles that produces and installs pavers and tiles based on recycled plastic with different designs, color, and shape. The pavers and tiles Zelij produces are not only cost-effective on both financial and environmental levels, but also harder and more durable than the typical tiles and paving products. 

“ Our pavers are 3 times cheaper and lighter than the regular ones.”Saif Eddine Laalej co-founder of Zelij