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SwitchMed is contributing to a green approach to job creation for sustainable development

SwitchMed will be participating in The Academy on Green Jobs Promotion in the MENA Region which will take place at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT) in Alexandria, Egypt, from 29 October to 2 November 2017. This one-week capacity-building event aims to discuss how the potential for green jobs in the MENA region could be realised. The overall purpose is to contribute to enhancing institutional capacities for transformative change towards greener and more inclusive economies.
Published on Oct 26, 2017

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The Academy on Green Jobs Promotion in the MENA Region intends to provide insights in the practical ways how to realize the full employment potential of low-emission, climate resilient and resource efficient strategies. 

The Academy will bring together 120 participants from Egypt and MENA countries, as well as others interested in adopting low-carbon and climate-resilient green economy strategies that generate decent jobs, particularly for young women and men, including policy and decisions makers, members of civil society organizations, trade unions, private sector, alongside with staff and practitioners from ILO and its partner agencies, collaborating ministries and funding partners.

The Academy has a duration of four-and-a-half days, including plenary sessions at the start of each day, which will focus on the latest agendas and overarching priorities on green jobs and green economy which are of special relevance to Egypt and the MENA region. Subsequently elective courses guided by thematic experts, will allow for a more specific analysis and sharing of experiences between countries as to the policy and practical implications of the topics of the morning plenaries and other themes. 

With its wealth of experience in supporting green jobs creation and green entrepreneursgip in the mediterranean, SwitchMed has been invited to discuss its results and lessons learnt during "The High Level Policy panel" and the “elective” training on Green Entrepreneurship.

The High Level Policy panel on the first day is meant to set the context for the Academy and address some of the pertinent questions how to overcome the perceived dilemma between “planet” and “people”, and to build synergies between policies that address environmental challenges and promote social development simultaneously. 

Whereas The “elective” training on Green Entrepreneurship will focus on entrepreneurship as a source of employment. In fact, the green economy offers new avenues for business creation, along with traditional options for start-ups. A significant number of organisations have undertaken innovative and ambitious programmes, including SwitchMed, preparing and supporting young entrepreneurs. The aim of the session is provide a platform to exchange experiences, successes and challenges of green entrepreneurship promotion. From the discussions lessons will be drawn for facilitating and scaling-up green jobs initiatives with a focus on entrepreneurship. 

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