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SwitchMed incubated Palestinian green entrepreneurs won 5000 USD in Jadara initiative competition

Our team of green entrepreneurs, Heba, Nadia and Nareman, from Palestine Polytechnic University have just won the Jadara Initiative award of $5000 for their project “Treating waste by waste”. It is an innovative integrated treatment system that minimizes the economic losses for leather tanning wastewater and stone cutting solid waste industries, while improving the surrounding public health and the environment. Supported by SwitchMed‘s special incubation support plan to boost their green idea, our environmental engineers are getting closer and closer to drive their adventure to success.
Published on Jun 13, 2017

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The Jadara Initiative is a year-long integrated program enabling students and graduates of the Palestinian universities in Hebron district to launch their own startup enterprises, to open new markets and fuel job growth. This initiative is managed by the Business incubator unit of the IT Center of Excellence of the Palestine Polytechnic University and funded by the Islamic Development Bank. Implemented in cooperation with UNDP/DEEP, every year, Jadara project offers students and graduates awards for the best innovative business ideas and pilot projects.

In Hebron, on the 6th of June 2017, during the Award Winners' Ceremony Announcement, the Chairman of the Association of Palestine Polytechnic University Students, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Al Tamimi, expressed his pride in partnering with local community institutions and the importance of encouraging the entrepreneurship spirit of students and developing their skills in establishing their own projects.

“This is a great way to tackle our high unemployment rate issue within university graduates. Our future graduates will be able to launch their own income-generating-projects to meet the needs of the growing Palestinian economy” Mr. Ahmed Saeed Al Tamimi

This year, with their project “Treating Waste by Waste”, Nareman Zahde, Nadia l’Qefan and Heba Dweik have been selected and awarded $ 5000 to make the prototype of the device they are designing with the support of SwitchMed programme. In fact, our environmental engineers are developing an ecofriendly and efficient integrated wastewater treatment unit for the tannery industry to eliminate environmental pollution from both leather tanning wastewater and stone cutting solid waste.

“The SwitchMed incubation phase has been very fruitful for our project since it provided us with expert support to design this integrated treatment unit which led us to an award in the Jadara initiative competition.” Admits Nareman

Thanks to this award and the determination of our GEs, the project Treating Waste by Waste will be launched within the year, hiring at least 3 people, benefiting the Palestinian economy, and tackling a major environmental threat related to the most dangerous of industrial waste.

Kudos to Heba, Nadia and Nareman!