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SwitchMed invited to attend UNCTAD’s Workshop contributing to Green Economy

Our SwitchMed local mentor in Morocco and one of our Moroccan Green Entrepreneurs will be participating in UNCTAD’s Workshop on the implementation of the National Green Export Review (NGER) in Rabat, on the olive sector, and aromatic and medicinal plant products in Rabat between 7th – 8th March 2017.
Published on Mar 06, 2017

National Green Export Reviews (NGERs) are UNCTAD's response to emerging country demand for the assessment of national potential to advance the development of national green sectors: notably with the aim of generating new employment and export opportunities while promoting sustainable development.

Morocco's NGER analysis was launched in 2015 by the Moroccan authorities and UNCTAD. Its objective is to promote the development of high-potential green production and export sectors, while helping to maximise the positive environmental and social impacts of these sectors.

Two precedent workshops have led to a sectorial action plan in two targeted sectors olive products and aromatic plant products (notably rosemary and thyme), aimed at promoting methods of sustainable production and consumption, at increasing exports and also creating new added-value for local and national economic stakeholders.

In this framework, in collaboration with the Moroccan Ministry of Environment, UNCTAD is organising a workshop on the implementation of the National Green Export Review (NGER) in Morocco (Rabat) on 7 and 8 March 2017.

Many stakeholders will be part of this workshop including producers, cooperatives, downstream processors, exporters as well as SwitchMed Morrocan partners:

·         SwitchMed local Mentor, Milouda Chtioui will give a presentation on the state of the Programme in the Morocco.

·         Green Entrepreneur Hamid Ryad who is implementing the Green Farm, an ecolodge providing bio products in Al-Jadida, will showcase his project and needs for internationalisation.


In the olive sector, stakeholders will collaborate to improve quality and productivity in this area while enhancing market penetration both domestically and in international markets.

Whereas in the aromatic and medicinal plants sector, participants will discuss the creation of integrated production schemes encompassing the entire value chain from production to export, with an emphasis on building stronger product links between cooperative producers and processors.

More information about the agenda of this workshop here.

Read the full report here.