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SwitchMed provides Green Entrepreneurship training programme all over the MENA region

Since the start of the programme, SwitchMed has been strengthening green entrepreneurs in 8 countries in order to support the transition to Circular Economy in the Mediterranean. Thanks to a full range of innovative tools and activities these trained entrepreneurs, women and men, learnt how to convert step by step your Green Business Ideas from different sectors into a sound and feasible Green Business Projects.
Published on Mar 08, 2018

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SwitchMed's training in Green Entrepreneurship is one of the first highly qualified training programme in the southern mediterranean countries.  Those who joined our on-site trainings sent us a positive assessment with regard to the different impacts and opinions of the training: support, job creation, eco-entrepreneurship development and awareness of the importance of the green economy are included in the programme. In fact 83% of the participants rated it from “very good” to “good”.

SwitchMed has delivered already a Training Programme up to 1,619 entrepreneurs, into its eight target SwitchMed countries : Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. Among these trainees 710 were women representing 43% of total participants. A second round of on-site training will be implemented in 2018. 






Sectors represented by our trainees's green business projects are very various and entail: organic food and agriculture, sustainable furniture, sustainble mobility, renewable energy, sustainable building and construction, sustainable clothing and textile, sustainable tourism, resource efficiency and sustainable waste management, sustainable cleaning product and cosmetics, sustainable elctric and electronic equipment.