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SwitchMed recalls the potential of ecotourism in Tunisia

A key meeting for the future of eco-tourism in Tunisia: the Capitalization Workshop of the two SwitchMed pilot projects on Ecotourism.
Published on Apr 06, 2018

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The national workshop organized on December 15, 2017 allowed to take stock of the ecotourism situation in Tunisia, to share the main lessons learned from these two projects - the eco-lodge of Dar Zaghouan and the Tunisia Ecotourism - and identify the weaknesses and recommendations of each stakeholder.

The workshop brought together about fifty people including eco-tourism experts, representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, public institutions such as the International Center for Environmental Technologies of Tunis (CITET), and the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT), NGOs such as UNOPS, GIZ, WWF, owners and managers of guest houses, students and teachers in architecture and trade, as well as several representatives of ecotourism associations. For more information on the agenda click here.

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Debates were organized around two main themes: the first one was focused on "Tunisia as an eco-tourism destination" and showcased the contribution of similar project promoters such as IUCN-MEET. The second theme was about sustainable construction, renewable energy and awareness raising of current and future professionals.

At the end, a general presentation of the two debates was made highlighting the main recommendations of all stakeholders. As an example, all the participants unanimously confirmed that Tunisia  urgently needs a legislative framework for eco-tourism in order to avoid a proliferation of unscrupulous actors. The workshop officially took an air of relaxation at the end of the day with a visit of the new eco-chalet of Dar Zaghouan and its SPA.

 A report will be published very soon and will include more details on all these results and capitalize on the good practices identified during the project, as well as the national workshop.

The pilot projects contributed to the implementation of the Mediterranean and National Action Plans for sustainable production and consumption modes (MCPD), developed as part of the political component of SwitchMed. Both Mediterranean and national action plans have tourism as a priority sector.