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The OSCE GEMS Award for young Green Entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean making a Social and Environmental impact

The SwitchersFund is glad to announce that the OSCE -the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe- has decided to promote Green and Social Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean as a tool for contributing to stability and peace in the region. The OSCE is partnering with the SwitchersFund and its promoters by launching the OSCE GEMS Awards, thanks to an initial endowment by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation.
Published on Sep 22, 2017

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The OSCE GEMS Award will reward young entrepreneurs from Mediterranean countries who submit innovative ideas to improve their environment that have as well a social impact. To this end, the Award will provide a 15,000€ grant to the best business ideas submitted by young Green Entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean, so they can turn their idea into a business. The OSCE Mediterranean Partner Countries are Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. Therefore for the purpose of the call only entrepreneurs from these countries may be eligible to apply. Deadline for applying is the 10th of November. Further information at To learn more about the SwitchersFund click here.

“We would like to thank the Italian Chairmanship of the Mediterranean Contact Group and the OSCE Secretariat for their invaluable support to Green and Social Entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean and for making the OSCE GEMS Award become a reality”. Daniel Sorrosal - Policy and Advocacy Manager- FEBEA

Under the Italian Chairmanship, the fifth meeting of the Mediterranean Contact Group  will take place on Monday the 25th of September and will focused on the theme ¨Economic development as a way to address the root causes of instability: the role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as well as start-ups, as a way to increase job opportunities. The role and potential of education in promoting the establishment of SMEs¨.  The meeting will provide and overview of the diversity of ecosystems needed for stat-ups to develop and thrive. These will include the perspectives from venture capitalists and angel investors, business accelerators and incubators, policy makers and most importantly start-ups themselves. Download here the agenda of the OSCE Mediterranean Contact Group Meeting.

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