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SWITCH programs will bring you green solutions led by women from the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa during the EDD 2018

During The European Development Days (EDD 2018), taking place at Tour & Taxis on 5-6 June 2018 in Brussels, all SWITCH Programmes will shocasse how we empower Women in private sector development to promote sustainable lifestyles and an inclusive green economy. Visit us!
Published on Mar 05, 2018

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The SwitchMed Programme, together with Switch Asia and Africa, are contributing to empower women to promote sustainable consumption and production patterns. On 5 and 6 June 2018, these Programmes will host a Project Lab at the European Development Days, in Brussels, where they will share stories of women green entrepreneurs from around the world who have been agents of change driving the green economy transition and creating jobs.

Project Lab title: Women Empowerment Through Green Business Development


Speakers from the respective regions will give evidence and debate with the audience on how development practitioners can leverage the role of women in green economy: what are the needs, with which means, and what benefits can be expected.

Successful examples will be showcased and a set of recommendations on engaging women in private sector investments, to green products and promote sustainable lifestyles, will be put forward.

Magali Outters, Team Leader of the SwitchMed Policy Area, will provide an insight on the policy support needed to scale-up the best practices and to especifically support women as drivers of change towards Sustainable Production and Consumption patterns.


More information about the EDD 2018 program will be shared soon.