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Published on Apr 11, 2017

In this fast changing world we are living in today, we try to keep ourselves up to date with the newest technology, innovation, trend, or even idea in the fields of the green, circular or collaborative economies.

For this reason, we are growing a green community of investors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, CEOs, self-employed, executives, policy makers, business owners, experts, researchers, industrials, and most of all change makers.

In fact, SwitchMed aims at supporting emerging green economies in the Southern Mediterranean countries helping them to shift to a more sustainable consumption and production in the Mediterranean region.

 On our social media networks, we offer you great initiatives from green entrepreneurs or civil society organizations and industrials.

We inform you about

  • institutional and policy-makers progress,
  • latest conferences, competition, forum, tenders, jobs, or any opportunity related to green economy
  • recent cutting edge useful and inspirational innovation or information related to green economy.

We also raise awareness about environmental and social challenges in the Mediterranean (we publish in English and French).

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to grow stronger together, create fruitful alliances and share best practices towards a more sustainable Mediterranean region.

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Everyday The switchers community is becoming bigger and bigger. In fact, we have reached over 110 lately.  If you are a switcher dont forget to join our new FB page The Switchers

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